Monday, March 4, 2019

movie of the march lukkachuppi bollywood blockbuster

I went to see this movie with my brother. screen appears and there was a view of Mathura with ponds, every one was taking bath in that pond most commonly pandits. there was a news reporter whose name was guddu, he was famous because of his news. everyone there was about old age. they think level was 90s century. there was new rumour spreaded in that area, the one who has not marriage yet cannot live in an open relationship. now, this movie takes another part of the scene, the girl came in  the life of guddu  and they begin their life as live in a relationship and suddenly  a comedian aunty came in their house started talking about rubish thing( beta ye dedo wo dedo). and finally they are caught in front of all. their parents starts yelling to them. 

This movies is full of drama ,comedy and a little bit of action. this movie is mostly famous about emotions drama. the mother of hero always do emotions drama whenever his son starts doing some stupid things like he go to temple and starts doing marriage with the same girl with whom he has already did. There was villain whose name was tripathi ji, he does not agree with their marriage because her daughter was not in favour of his parents. They both were not happy because of their marriages. but the fact of this movie was that both hero and heroine was not marriage yet.
Now the next part of movie starts the starting scene was full of comedy, both hero and heroine starts something doing stupid which was like breath taking. And finally the end scene comes where hero and heroine finally gets engaged with the proper full of rituals. Every one was happy specially  both the families of guddu and neha. As we know that “ all wells that ends well” 
we enjoyed this movie with full excitements .

About Vidmate

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Finally, it is better to download movies instead going to theaters, maybe it can be wastage of money.

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